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Winter Comes Early

We had a lousy day of cold, damp, rainy weather this week – a harbinger of winter. I think we even broke a rainfall record. I was not ready for a November day in August.

Reluctantly, I dug out the electric heater where it had been stowed under the nav station. It wasn’t that long ago that I put this away. It has been a short summer this year.

There are many people who attempt living aboard, but don’t make it through their first winter. It can be challenging and it takes more effort – a different effort to maintain your level of comfort.

During our first winter aboard, we were too minimalistic and I was not comfortable. More blankets, a warm duvet, undershirts and lovely, down slippers were in place for our second winter. This was meant to be fun right?

Now, we are comfortable in pretty much any condition. It makes a huge difference in the liveaboard experience. This is your home and it should be comfortable. Now to shift my mind into acceptance of the winter storms that lie ahead. Resistance is futile. Better stock up on some hot chocolate.

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