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Winning Hanger


I am not  a big shopper. Living on a boat cured me of this past time. However, when I saw this 5-tier hanger in Winners the other day, I knew I had stumbled upon something that would help organize my work clothes that are currently overtaking our hanging locker. It is made by Richards Homewares in Portland, Oregon and has a frictionless cover over each hanger to stop clothes from sliding off.

When shopping, I have to make sure that whatever I buy has to fit into my existing toolkit of work clothes. If it can’t be worn with at least two other items, it doesn’t come home. It also cannot require a specific belt or shoes in order to be able to wear it. Once home, another piece of clothing has to come off the boat. Simple rules to guide me in my shopping, because I do love clothes – their texture, colours.

This hanger allows 5 shirts to hang in one continuous line without the bulk that 5 shirts hung side by side would create. I love it. A simple item that works perfectly in my small home.

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