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Why Can’t Every Day be Sunday?

You know, maybe the Church was on to something with the whole ‘day of rest’ thing. I think non-Christians need a day to revive, laugh from the belly and put the previous work week to bed. It’s a day where things get done but at a fun, relaxed pace with time to indulge in a late breakfast, stop and chat with neighbours, and Skype with those far away. Getting up when your body is ready to, not when the alarm clock tells you.  An unplanned nap, idle time to indulge in a book, walk the dog or add a post to your blog. Why can’t every day be Sunday?

In spite of putting in a full day of boat chores today, I feel a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. I am going to try to bring this feeling into my Monday-to-Friday-me; I am going to try to infuse a little Sunday into every day.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t Every Day be Sunday?”

  1. Wonderful! Another thought provoking read! Your blog always puts a smile on my face, & I thank you! “infuse a little Sunday into everyday!” A piece of advice we could all benefit from.

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