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When Does Confidence Become Arrogance?

I am a curator of information and am an avid notetaker when I attend events. I was reviewing my notes from my third Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC and was struck by something that Mari Smith said in her keynote presentation:

“A knowing is different than a belief.
A knowing is felt in every cell of your body.”

This knowing – an alignment with spirit is a gift that very few of us get to experience in life.  It is our divine purpose. It is the path that our spirit chose for us in this lifetime.

When we come into the human form, we have amnesia about who we are and spend a lifetime trying to figure it out; a lifetime of “Groundhog Days”. But when you first put one foot on you soul’s path, you know it “in every cell of your body” as Mari Smith said and you move confidently with purpose in this direction.

You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone and if someone tried to talk you out of it, you would not be swayed. Because once you are plugged into the grid of universal energy, there is no way that you will let yourself become unplugged. This confidence exudes in your smile, your actions, the timbre of your voice – your energy is amplified from the connection.

Arrogance on the other hand comes from a belief. It is not felt in every cell of your body. The belief is a shield, a costume, a facade that covers a vulnerable person’s soul. It is a belief which is not rooted in spirit.

And it is different.

The belief needs to be boastful in order to make up for the lack of connection. It has purpose, drive and it even might be for a worthy cause but it is not in alignment with the work that was intended. How do you move from arrogance to confidence? From belief to knowing?

Stop. Listen to the quiet. Be mindful. Be vulnerable. Question. Your answers are there.

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