Day 30: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I am so happy to be at the end of this 30-day quest to break my habit of non-exercise before I start my work day. By carving out 30 minutes a day, I feel more centred and confident.  Now, I can start back on Day One and repeat the entire 30 days again. You can find all 30 videos on my Pinterest board as well.

I have practised Hatha yoga so wanted to explore this Vinyasa Flow yoga through this video presented by Yoga by Candace. I have featured Candace’s videos on Days 2, 17 and 20. I really like her teaching style.

Let’s get moving and keep moving!

Day 27: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Well, my week became even more complicated and I have to confess that I did not exercise during the past five days except for walking. I started to beat myself up for being so close to finishing my 30 days and then not.

Don’t you find it interesting that challenges seem to come in clusters? Challenges at work. Challenges with health. Challenges with technology. All of these challenges interrupted two separate commitments that I made to myself – one through this fitness challenge and the other through a creative challenge on Instagram called #the100dayproject.

I think the lesson learned through these challenges was not to give up when I started to struggle. During my group meditation class, Henry who leads the group talked about starting and stopping your mediation practice. It is not bad – it is reality. When you stop, simply give yourself permission to begin again.

Today is Sunday for me – a day to reflect and regroup. I started my day by joining a Twitter chat, #spiritchat. I am always uplifted by participating in this chat – 9 am EST (6 am in my time zone on the western edge of Canada).

I needed some fun today and this 38-minutes video by Ejercicio Salsa is fitness disguised in a whole bunch of fun. I love salsa music and by the middle of this video you are dancing. Stella Sandoval leads you through the dance moves. Dancing brings me so much joy.

Let’s get moving!

Day 26: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Hello again!

I had a hiccup with my blog after updating to the latest version of WordPress, so missed posting for a few days. This almost set me back in my challenge. If you have been following along, you will know that my goal in this challenge was to create a fitness habit by carving out 20 – 30 minutes of my morning for fitness.

Today’s video by Yoga Journal to Go was challenging for me and I could not do all of the poses that were demonstrated, however, with the encouragement of the instructor, I modified the poses to my current fitness level. I really liked learning new poses and the detailed instruction provided by the instructor, Kathryn Budig. Throughout the video she reminds us that this is a practice and to not expect that you can do these poses on the first attempt.

You will need a yoga mat and two yoga blocks for this workout. Let’s get moving.