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The Undoing of the New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever created a list of things that you want to stop doing?” my friend’s text says.

We had been chatting earlier over coffee about New Year’s Resolutions. I usually choose the typical resolutions to lose weight, be more patient, write more – but I had not considered taking something off my list.

So, if I could swish a magic wand and stop doing something, what would that look like? Stop eating so much sugar? Well, that is fairly obvious, but I thought her question deserved a deeper look.

What could I stop doing so I could start doing something else? 2

Well,  I am more like myself when I am connected to energy, spirit, source, universal force, God – call it what you will. What are things that interrupt this connection? The answers come quickly – negativity, fear, lack of quiet time, lack of being in nature.

So what could I stop doing in order to strengthen my connection with source? I think I could stop letting the opinions of others dictate my decisions. This is such an ingrained part of my being that it is going to take a concerted effort to 1) be aware of it happening and 2) follow through and place these opinions in the trash where they belong. Wish me luck.

We persist in self-defeating patterns because we get something out of them that reinforces our behaviour. I will have to meditate on this un-resolution to see where my truth lies.

The second un-resolution that I will make is to spend less time grazing social media and spend more time with people. How very old-fashioned of me right! “X”s and “O”s cannot replace a real embrace from a friend. This digital fast should also free up more “me-time” for meditation and introspection.

So what would be on your list of things that you will stop doing in 2014?

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