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Spring Ahead

For liveaboard boaters, the spring equinox means longer days and the end of winter hibernation.  It is a busy time to begin boat chores in order to get the boat ready for summer cruising. During our time living aboard, winter would find us hunkered down in our boat watching movies, reading books and enjoying long sleeps as long as the marina wasn’t being battered by a winter storm. During storms, the cacophony of rigging clanging in the roaring wind would keep even the deepest of sleepers awake and would draw us out of our warm bunks to check on lines and fellow sailors.

But the change of seasons does not come without resistance often in the form of strong wind storms. We had one of these wind storms last week in which the wind peaked at 109 kms/hour. In fact, the worst storms that we have experienced on the boat came at the change of seasons in November (fall to winter) and March (winter to spring). Two separate March storms broke the finger that our boat was tied to and made for some scary moments on the dock.

The long, winter rest allows you to store energy that will be needed to complete spring chores.  The beautiful Cherry Blossom trees in my city, Victoria, BC bend with the winter storms during their deep slumber only to awaken in early February with beautiful blossoms. So too, should we rest during the winter so that our bodies have enough stored reserves to meet the energy of the spring equinox. If you overwork yourself during the winter, your immune system will  be depleted and you will be more susceptible to getting sick. This combined with too much sugar from  Easter which unfortunately has become more about sugar than rebirth, will deplete your health further.

Cherry Blossoms, Victoria, BC | www.holisticsailor.com
Cherry Blossom trees start blooming by mid February in Victoria, BC.

Some people find the strong, pre-spring winds disturbing on their bodies.  You might feel the need to wear a scarf to protect your neck from the winds even though others are wearing lighter clothes. Your neck houses the throat chakra and if you feel yourself craving protection from the wind, than listen to this message from your body and wear a scarf. I also find that my body still needs the warm, comfort foods of winter; if I switch to lighter, cooler  foods like salads too early, I will be very tired.

The change of seasons inspires me to think ahead of summer cruising plans, boat chores and walks in nature with friends.  I am filled with the energy of the season and everything seems possible. Now that we are no longer living aboard, the inside of our boat needs a good cleaning from accumulated dust and mildew growth during the winter. The exterior canvas and decks also need to be cleaned of mildew growth. The boat smells of vinegar for the first few weeks of spring cleaning but it is a small inconvenience for an effective yet environmentally friendly cleaner.

The signs of spring are everywhere from spawning herring to baby Pigeons who have already fledged from their nests.  May the energy of spring fill you with light.