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The Culling of the Socks

Socks. I love my socks. Or rather, I hate cold feet and therefore, I love socks.

I have woollen socks for the winter, cute little tennis socks for the summer, special anti-wicking socks for long walks, dress socks for work and of course, bed socks that I wear to bed at night so that my feet don’t get cold. I love socks.

However, I live on a boat and have 2 dresser drawers, one which is almost completely devoted to the woollen socks.  So I made a cloth bag to stuff my other socks into because well, a girl can never have too many socks!

One of the reasons that I have so many socks is that I keep my socks for  a long time. One hole, two holes later they are still there in my sock drawer. No real intention to darn them, just can’t seem to throw away a perfectly good pair of socks that can still keep most of my feet warm.

I suppose one of the solutions to this problem is to move our boat from its Pacific Northwest location to a tropical location like Tonga. That I am sure, would cure me of my sock fetish once and for all. The people that we bought our boat from told us that when they came back from the South Pacific, they had given all of their socks away. How very Canadian to leave socks as tokens of departure.

So with spring cleaning moving to the top of my boat chores, I tentatively add one new item: cull the socks. There it has been written and therefore, must be done. Sigh.