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Make Your Own Natural Body Butter

I was inspired over the Christmas break to make my own body butter. I usually buy an unscented body lotion from a trusted aromatherapy supplier, Rae Dunphy but this time I thought I should try to make my own from scratch.

I started with a search on Pinterest and settled on a recipe from Creation Based Health entitled, “How to Make Your Own Coconut/Olive Oil Body Butter“. I took some artistic licence with this recipe and added a blend of essential oils.

  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup jojoba oil
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tsp Vitamin E oil
  • 1/4 cup beeswax pellets (do not use if you are allergic to bees)

Assemble all your ingredients.

DIY Body Butter ingredients

Sanitize all items including utensils that you will be using with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Store-bought products use chemicals to preserve ingredients. The addition of Vitamin E to this recipe helps to extend the shelf-life of this butter, but you still should try not to contaminate the ingredients. I cleaned all my utensils and then wiped again with a cotton pad dabbed in rubbing alcohol.

Stainless steel bowl over potDuring my Pinterest search, one pinner suggested heating the ingredients in a Mason jar immersed in water instead of a double boiler to save on the mess of a double boiler. I didn’t have either item, so I improvised and used a stainless steel bowl on top of a pot of boiling water. Years of living aboard a boat requires that you figure out how to use items in different ways than they were intended.

Heat the lotion ingredients slowly and once completely melted, remove the bowl and beat with a handheld mixer. Did you sanitize the beaters first?

How to Make Your Own Natural Body Butter

Put the bowl in the fridge to cool further. Remove from fridge and beat again. Repeat this step until the consistency of the butter is smooth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl each time.

Blend essential oils separately and add to mixture. Beat one last time.

  • 10 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinesis)
  • 10 drops Rose 10% (Rosa damascena)
  • 10 drops Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
  • 5 drops Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)

How to make your own natural body butter

Pour into prepared jars.

This butter is truly a “butter” and very little is required because it melts as soon as it touches the warmth of your body. It is very rich and nourishing to the skin and smells wonderful.


Natural Allergy Treatment

Seasonal allergies suck. Itchy, watery eyes; uncontrollable sneezing; coughing; fatigue; irritability. Who needs it?

While talking with a co-worker the other day, the conversation eventually turned to the topic of allergies. Here on the West coast of Canada, the pollen from alder trees is especially irritating to some people including my co-worker who is a frequent user of allergy shots and over-the-counter allergy medicine.

One of her clients told her about a very simple remedy to help alleviate the sensitivities to alder pollen – honey. Buy some good quality honey made by bees who live in your region. Take 1/2 teaspoon of honey one to two times a day. The bees pick up bits of pollen on their feet as they move from plant to plant and the small traces of pollen makes it way into the honey. When you eat the honey, you are exposed to minute traces of pollen will de-sensitize you to the pollen in your area. (If you are allergic to bees, this remedy is not for you.)

This past spring, my co-worker tried this natural allergy treatment and was able to completely abandon her allergy meds. Her eyes no longer looked like she had been crying for hours and not a sniffle to be heard.

In my area a 1 kg jar of local honey costs between $13.99 – $15.99. Yes, that is expensive, but less expensive than a month’s worth of allergy medication and without the yucky side effects that allergy meds create.

Allergies are usually worse in the spring and fall depending on what irritates your body. For severe cases, you might also want to consider going on a dietary cleanse at these times of the year to help rid your body of stored toxins. If you are in poor health and have not done a cleanse before, please consult with a naturopathic doctor for guidance.

If you have ever suffered from allergies, you can appreciate the value of symptom-free days. Try this simple, natural remedy and BEE allergy free.

Wallace Island bee


Ebb and Flow

Living aboard a 36 foot sailboat teaches you many things about life. Your days are dictated by the ebb and flow of tides; the action of the sun and moon on the planet’s bodies of water. It is a foolhardy sailor who doesn’t respect the tides.

So too, the yin and yang of your health depends on finding the path of least resistance to a place of balance. It is pretty obvious that the way we have been living does not bring us closer to health. Too much work; too little sleep. Too much worrying; too little laughter. Too many preservatives and God knows what else in our food.

The crazy thing is that when you think about the moments in your life when you were at your healthiest, it is usually at a time when you were living in tune with the ebb and flow of your life, not against it. Simple – it is that simple. Take this moment to reflect on how you are living your life. Are you going with the flow or swimming against it?


9 Simple Breaths

Sometimes in spite of our best efforts, the day runs away on us, leaving us desperately trying to catch up. When our expectations about how things should go do not match with our reality, the result is stress and we all know by now, that stress is not good for us. Keeping our cells in a constant state of hyperactivity is exhausting on the body.

A colleague shared this simple trick to bring your body back to balance regardless of the stressor. Sit quietly and breathe in and out, 9 breaths. It doesn’t matter if you breathe in through your nose or mouth; do what comes naturally and do it slowly with complete focus. Your breath will slow down all by itself because your body knows this is good for it.

That’s it. If you can count to 9 and you know that you can breathe, you have the solution to your own stress. I love that this is so simple and effective. Happy breathing.

Calla Lily