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Day Ten: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I think the most difficult thing about this 30-day fitness challenge is finding good videos.  There are so many videos available and not all of them are good or geared towards someone getting back into fitness.  I know first-hand that exercising using bad technique, does more harm than good.

When I was in college, I was seriously into weight lifting working out five days/week for two hours each day. Spending that much time in the gym, you have the opportunity to watch a lot of other people working out. I also had taken a body building course with two women where I learned about proper technique.

There was this one fellow in the gym who did his bicep curls so quickly that he didn’t allow the muscle to fully do its job of contracting and releasing. Over the next year, he developed very strong but short muscles. Without adding any stretching into his workout, by the end of the year he was not able to stretch his arms straight up above his head.

This beginners pilates workout includes instruction about proper form. Pilates is one exercise that I immediately see results from, but I am always careful of my neck which can be easily strained when I am not contracting my abs. This happens when the abdominal muscles are not strong enough to do the exercise. Know your body – push a little beyond your comfort zone, but do not strain. Strength comes with time and trust that you are making a difference with each day. You will need 30 minutes for this workout. Be sure to start the video from the beginning.  Let’s get moving.

Day Three: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

If you are just joining me, I am trying to establish a new habit of morning exercise for myself by adding 15 – 20 minutes workouts that I can easily do at home.

This fun workout by ChaiseFitness concentrates on arms, shoulders and abs using a resistance band. The exercises were unique incorporating some ballet and pilates positions. I found the ab workout at the end of the video to be challenging for my current fitness level, so I modified some of the exercises so that I could keep going.