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Day 13: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This 30-minutes beginner yoga video starts off slowly, but do not be fooled by this gentle start. By the end you receive a full-body workout. Faster, deeper, more weights does not necessarily mean a better workout. Yoga lengthens and strengthens your muscles and helps you integrate your body with spirit through breath.

Jamie Hanley from Elevate Yoga in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada does a great job in explaining proper form for the asanas in this yoga workout. I particularly liked the twists and shoulder stretches. Computer work requires that our arms are suspended forward for long periods of time and causes us to round our shoulders. This workout really unravelled all of that compression in my neck and shoulders and by the end of it, my neck was no longer sore! I think that I will start to do this workout at the end of my work day.

This video was hosted by Diana Antholis, a wellness and fitness coach. Diana has some great information on her blog as well as, healthy recipes. Namaste.