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Day 18: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

So it has almost been three days since I made this public commitment to start my day with some at-home fitness and I must say I am enjoying it. I have not lost any weight but feel stronger, breathe deeper, sleep better and feel more confident. That’s not too shabby for something that hasn’t cost me anything but my time. It does feel like I have made a space in my busy life for exercise.

Today’s video is a 30-minutes video by Fitness Blender that includes a warm-up, full-body and core exercises followed by a cool-down. I like how this video addresses moving all the major joints. I had an elderly client in the spa who told me that every day she moved all her joints to keep healthy. When you consider that joints are also major junctions of blood and lymph, this makes sense.

Good instruction is provided on how to safely complete the exercises and a calorie-counter has also been included in case you are tracking inputs and outputs.

I personally didn’t like the Supine Pushup and replaced it with crunches instead. Be discerning in your workout and swap in alternate exercises if the one featured in the video doesn’t work for you. If the video goes faster than you want, pause it and go at your own pace. I like to take my time with stretching because it feels so good.

Let’s  get moving.