Strutting my Stuff

OK – you have to promise not to laugh. Seriously, no little snickers, covering your mouth with your hand and looking sideways. I have something to confess and frankly, it’s a little embarrassing.

In my weekly Feldenkrais class, we have been led through a series of movements to help us become more aware of how we move our bodies when we walk. Easy-peasy stuff for a sailor girl who walks 5 kms a day. Well, apparently not.

At the end of class tonight, I had this huge moment of realization. Remember, no laughing.

When I walk, I swing my arms the wrong way! Right arm swings out front as right foot steps. OK, so now you have stopped reading this post to see what this feels like. Weird – awkward – maybe secretly wondering to yourself how could anyone be so misinformed.

So, my homework is to walk (the way normal people do) swinging my opposite arm and leg – so right-left pairings, not right-right and left-left.  A little challenging after many years of doing it backwards. Speaking of backwards, the instructor had me walk backwards and it seems that I can walk backwards just fine – opposite arm swinging to opposite leg. Well, since I live in a world that walks forwards, I guess I had better get practising.

Feldenkrais is amazing. It can help everyone move their body in a way that is more efficient and therefore, with less strain and pain. Sort of like having the tires on your car aligned.

So, if you see me strutting my stuff with a concentrated look on my face, know that I am doing my homework.

2 thoughts on “Strutting my Stuff”

  1. love it – i have been told the same thing too 🙂 it is ok – i run that way too and i am just fine, i tell you!

  2. Hi Sara, Thanks for the comment. Nice to know that I am not alone. After a week of walking the “right way”, I must admit that it is easier and less tiring, so perhaps would improve endurance. Feldenkrais is used by athletes to improve performance, so hopefully I will see benefits too!

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