Stress Relief in the Palm of Your Hands |

Stress Relief in the Palms of Your Hands

Reflexology was the first natural therapy that I became certified in 15 years ago and its simple yet powerful efficacy amazes me to this day. Although I no longer have a healing practice except for the occasional treatment or exchange, it remains my favourite natural therapy for its holistic effects on the body.

I use reflexology on myself daily by working the reflexes in my feet before bedtime to promote relaxation and a good night’s sleep. It also allows me to check in to see where I might be developing congestion in my body. I also work the reflexes in my hands throughout the work day to help reduce stress. I’d like to share with you a few key hand reflexes so you too, can enjoy healing in the plams of your hands.

Reflexology has roots in Chinese medicine and the endpoints for the 12 meridians  can be found in either the feet or hands. I was trained through the Reflexology Association of Canada which uses a westernized approach to Reflexology, but I had the privilege to attend a workshop by  Lillian Morten where I learned how to incorporate meridian theory into my reflexology practice.

Lately, I have noticed that reflexology is referred to as “reflexology massage’ and I find this odd because the treatment’s benefit comes from the stimulation of specific reflex points. Most reflexologists include a relaxing foot massage as part of their practice to warm up the feet before a treatment and again at the end for pure enjoyment, but the heart of the treatment lies in pinpointing the reflexes. The mastery of the reflexologist comes from the skill developed in pinpointing the reflexes on each client’s unique physiology.

I digress – you want to know how you can help mitigate stress as you go about your day. The reflexes on the feet are easy to identify because there is more space on the surface of the foot. The reflexes on the hands in comparison are stacked on top of each other and it can be difficult to be certain that you are on a specific reflex. However, the following three reflexes are easy to find and will help you to calm your nervous system in the middle of a busy day. The beauty of the hand reflexes is that they can be done anywhere and do not require the removal of shoes and socks.

Solar Plexus Reflex

This is my go-to reflex when I am feeling overwhelmed. Located in the middle of the palm, this reflex instantly calms me down. By combining the pressing of the reflex with a slow inhalation and releasing with an exhalation, you have the ability to interrupt  the physiological response to stress.

You can discreetly press this reflex while walking to a meeting, waiting in the elevator, sitting in a meeting or any other opportunity when your hands aren’t busy. Repeat on the opposite hand.

Solar Plexus Reflex |

Adrenal Reflex

It can be a little tricky finding this reflex as there are several reflexes in this area. This reflex is found in the fleshy part of the palm below the thumb and is often sharply sensitive. Push and reflex this reflex until the sensitivity decreases. Repeat on the opposite hand.

Adrenal Reflex |

Shoulder Reflex

I personally don’t find the shoulder reflex in the hand to be that effective in reducing shoulder tension but it might work for you so it is worth sharing. Find the head of the metacarpal bone just below the baby finger and push in a circular direction. The left hand corresponds to the left shoulder and the right hand corresponds to the right shoulder.

Shoulder Reflex |

Stimulate these reflexes throughout your day to promote relaxation.

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