Softening our Focus |

Softening Our Focus

As a people, Canadians like to talk about the weather. So it was no surprise this past weekend when temperatures dropped below freezing, that there was a lot of grumbling.

Winter comes to Canada every year, so why is it such a surprise when it arrives? At the first threat of winter, tire shops are booked up for weeks with appointments for new winter tires and you can’t find a shovel anywhere. Why do we resist what we know is inevitable? Perhaps, it is a matter of attitude?

On Sunday, the sun came out, birds sang, and fallen leaves provided a kaleidoscope of colour where they lay on the ground – a picture-perfect day except that it was cold. If this had been a Sunday in March, we would have rejoiced with the promise of spring. What a difference our perspective makes.

Can we bring this shift in awareness into our daily living? With a shift, the irritating neighbour is now a stressed person who is deserving of our compassion rather than impatience. In energy work, if you soften your focus, you can with practice, see a person’s aura. Perhaps we would all benefit from a softening of our focus.

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