Seasickness as a Cure?

Fishing with John

I was reading Fishing with John by Edith Iglauer – a chronicle of a woman’s experience of commercial fishing on the British Columbia coast. Edith was an American raised in an upper class family in New York City when she met John,  a closet scholar and commercial fisherman who trolled for spring salmon using traditional fishing methods. His passion for fishing and his respect for the natural resource that sustained his livelihood earned him respect up and down the coast.

The book takes us on Edith’s journey as she adapts to her new life at sea and reveals some interesting observations by John after 40 years as a commercial fisherman.  The following paragraph in particular caught my attention:

“A doctor friend of mine who lives in Crumpet Town – that’s Victoria – says I cured his New Zealand nephew of various viruses because I took him trolling and got him so goddam seasick that when the doctor examined him on his return he was well again. The doctor said, “The ocean completely cleaned him out.””

Some proponents of natural medicine believe that sickness is not always a bad thing; that in fact you have to have enough vitality in the body to become sick and rid yourself of the seeds of disease. The body is performing a natural cleanse of toxins.

It is an interesting  way to look at our overall health. I know for myself that I have not been seasick since we moved onto the boat 8 years ago.  Touch wood. I have been on a personal journey of becoming healthier for the past 14 years and perhaps there is no need for my body to become seasick anymore. I hope that this is true because sea sickness is nasty business.

I am always intrigued by things that make us look at our health in different ways. Thanks John for this piece of wisdom.

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