Sailor Girl vs Swiffer Wet Jet |

Sailor Girl vs Swiffer Wet Jet

This is my last night dog and house sitting. My husband has already moved back aboard while I do the finishing cleaning touches on the house. I am really looking forward to moving back on the boat. It has only been 4 weeks, but I miss our simple home; our simple life.

Nine years ago, we left our home on one acre to move into our 250 square foot, slanted-wall home. I have become painfully aware of how out-of-touch I have become with modern cleaning products. Figuring our how to operate the full-sized vacuum cleaner was hilarious – even the dog gave me a quizzical look.

But my biggest challenge by far, was the Swiffer Wet Jet. The first time I washed the floors, I got down on hands and knees like I do on the boat. I should have thought this through before attempting this on a 1500 square foot home, but I was too proud to admit that I didn’t know how to operate the Swiffer.

I am aware, thank you very much, that there  have been many commercials on TV about the product, but I always tune them out because I have no where to store this thing on my boat unless the good folks at Swiffer can figure out how to collapse the handle down like a tent pole into something no higher than 12 inches.

But tonight I faced my fears Рtook the Swiffer out of its closet and examined it from all angles. I figured out that one button detatches the cleaning solution from the Swiffer. Oops. Another button squirts stuff. So far, so good. I am not even sure what to call this thing- is it a mop or a broom?  I should have paid more attention to the commercials.

The bottom of the thing was weird, so I went looking in the closet for anything with a Swiffer logo on it. Bingo. A box of feminine pads. This was getting complicated and there were no instructions on the box. I fiddled with the strips on the bottom of the pad and tried to peel them off, but to no avail. I was really thankful that it was only me and the dog trying to figure this out.

My problem solving was severely hampered b the mental block that I was holding a maxi pad in my hand. While manipulating the Swiffer in my right hand it accidentally came close to the pad in my left hand and voila – the two stuck together. I am a genius.

I decided to start in the bathroom – a small space and if I had an accident, it was less likely that I would damage anything. As I squeezed the Swiffer beside the toilet, the little head pivoted like Karen Kain in Swan Lake. This thing is amazing! I started thinking about how this could be very useful in cleaning the bilge on the boat. Telescoping handle. Collapsible head. Oil absorbent pads. I might drop my friends at Swiffer an email.

I must say that cleaning the floors tonight was much faster than my previous hands and knees approach. Now, I am waiting for them to dry so I can go back and re-do them. Yes. Can you believe it? Apparently, one only needs to moderately squeeze the button. In my enthusiasm, I have expelled way too much cleaning solution and the house smells like a Glade plug-in and the floors are a sticky mess. The dog is not impressed and I am contemplating my next move with a glass of red wine.

You know, an old squeeze mop would do the trick. but that woman on the TV commercial has thrown it out. I guess I will get back on my hands and knees to give the floor a rinse so that it doesn’t feel like I am walking on spilt orange juice.

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  1. This post put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you! I could just imagine you with that perplexed look on your face trying to decide how the swiffer worked! They certainly have become the latest household gadget. I’m personally not a huge supporter of them as far as the waste they create, but for ease of use – yes. They do make a swiffer mop that folds down to 12″ sections if you decide you need one for your boat! In our case, our floor space is so limited that getting down on my hands and knees to wash the floor allows me to do stretching at the same!

    Enjoy being back on the water, I know I certainly do!

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