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@raincoaster Bath Blend

I was tweeting with @raincoaster last weekend about the pure indulgence of soaking in a bathtub. The pleasure of the bathtime ritual begins with planning the escape. Candles. Book. Glass of wine. Alone time. Quiet mind.

From that first toe dipping in the hot water to lowering your torso into the depths of the bath, you are aware of you and only you. Your breathing slows. The hot water envelops your body as you slip back into that familiar primordial rhythm bathed in water. It should not be so surprising that we are so comfortable in water. As a fetus, we spend nine months bathed in fluid and our bodies are comprised of 60-70% water. We are in familiar territory in the bathtub.

After my conversation with @raincoaster, I pined for a bath. It is true, that I am surrounded by water on this sailboat that we call home, but there isn’t a tub in sight.  @raincoaster reminded me that some apartment dwellers also do not have tubs. Condo developers in their zest to squeeze in as many units as possible in a complex, erase the bathtub from the drawings. I suppose they take up too much space.

But we, the few without tubs, find ways to get a fix. Forget friends with benefits – we are looking for friends with tubs. Travel that involves hotel stays provides an opportunity to indulge in a soak. That workout in the morning is not so much about getting in shape, it is about the soak in the hot tub afterwards – a poor second to a bathtub, but the bathtubless resort to desperate measures.

So in honour of @raincoaster’s appreciation for the bath, I offer this aromatherapy blend. Blend the essential oils together first and then add them to 1 1/2 – 2 cups of epsom salts. We all know what happens when you mix water and oil, so add the essential oils to the salt first before adding to the bath.

@raincoaster Bath Blend

  • 4 drops lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 4 drops rose 10% (Rosa damascena)
  • 2 drops jasmine 10% (Jasmine grandiflorum)
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups epsom salts


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  1. If you have trouble finding ingredients, I will make you some: a gift from me to you.

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