Port Angeles to Port Townsend

A few weeks ago, a plan was hatching for a few boats from our marina to go to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. We couldn’t get time off work, so knew we wouldn’t be able to make the trip in our own boat. The compromise was to take the Blackball ferry, the Coho (which travels at 20 knots/hour v.s. our 5 knots/hour)  over to Port Angeles and then catch a ride back from Port Townsend on one of our neighbour’s sailboats.

It seemed like a reasonable plan until I tried to figure out how we would get from Port Angeles to Port Townsend on a Saturday without a car. Being unfamiliar with the area, I couldn’t make sense of the bus routes, named after streets and unfamiliar roads. Searching online and without a compass to guide me, I got my eastbounds and westbounds all mixed up.

I called the Olympic Peninsula Gateway Travel Center and spoke with Gloria, who was most helpful and explained that I would have to take two different bus lines because the first bus would only take me to the county line where I would have to transfer. Gloria did her best to try to figure out which bus I would have to take in order for the two schedules to sync on a reduced, Saturday schedule. In the end, she too, could not figure it out and referred me to Jefferson Transit.

Sarah from Jefferson Transit provided great directions, so here is how you do it:

  • from the Coho ferry terminal in Port Angeles, walk eastbound along Front Street for about 3 minutes to the Gateway Transit Center, located at Front and Lincoln Streets
  • Take the Callam Transit #30/Hwy 101 Commuter to Sequim (pronounced “Squim“) to the Sequim Transfer Center, approximately 35 minutes, fare is $1.50
  • Take the Jefferson Transit #8 to the Haines Park and Ride in Port Townsend, across from the Safeway store, approximately 45 minutes, fare is $2.50
  • Walk down the hill to the marina, approximately 7 minutes.

Now, here is where I confess stupidity. While I was waiting for Sarah to email me back, I was on Google Maps for another purpose and on a whim typed in the directions box ….


Port Angeles to Port Townsend

Not expecting anything, I got a nice map which helped me unmuddle my eastbound-westbound confusion and a little bus icon. Click. Voila! There was the bus route, written directions, a large map and smaller maps of the transfer points. Brilliant! Google Maps,  I mean – not myself.

Port Angeles to Port Townsend by bus

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to search through Google Maps sooner.  I do suggest calling the transit companies to verify schedules during the off-season. It is all worthwhile when you visit:


Sunrise in Port Angeles
Gateway Transit Center
Sunrise, Port Townsend

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