Pining for love on Pinterest |

Pining For Love on Pinterest

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest, take a moment to check it out. Pinners pin images onto boards related to their interests. As with all social media platforms, Pinterest allows users to share content. Teachers use it to share educational resources; foodies share their favourite recipes; and job seekers share their competencies by using Pinterest at a virtual resume. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to see what the Pinterest community was saying about “love”.

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I was disappointed when the search results provided image after image of women’s clothing and jewellery with the comments, “Love!” or “Love it!”. I was expecting photos of couples in amorous embrace. Where was the love on Pinterest?

I was looking for love and Pinterest left me empty handed, surely YouTube would not disappoint. I would find some love or at least some love songs. Sweet Barry White was there waiting for me. This is one of my favourite love songs. Do you have a favourite song you would like to share? Let’s keep this love fest going.


3 thoughts on “Pining For Love on Pinterest”

  1. This is my all time favourite. Dalaras, one of the biggest singers in Greece sings -(translation) “Don’t be mad with me, my one with beautiful eyes”
    He says, I have to go to foreign places, but don’t be mad, because I will become a bird and fly back to you, so leave your window open and wait for me, my beautiful. blonde, queen. Come to be now and lets be together before I say good night.

    I like it because I think it portrays what love should be. It is not something we own, not something we can force or demand in our partner to behave a certain way – let their spirit be and it will always come back if it is right. No?

  2. Hey Marilee, your new blog looks great! Thank you for the kind words and the mention of WOW! Boating Seminar on March 9th. You have a gift for writing.

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