Phonetic Alphabet


 A = Alpha Alpha fetched the ball with enthusiasm typical of a six-months old Labrador Retriever. Bravo! Bravo! Charlie and I shouted from our spot on the grassy hill in Delta Park. Echo, the Border Collie soon joined in the fun; the two dogs running around in circles which reminded me of our failed attempt at Foxtrot lessons.
The sun was beginning to set, so we opened up the back door to our rented Golf and headed back to our Hotel, the India Inn. The hotel was decorated like a Bollywood movie set with Bollywood music playing incessantly in the background. My sister-in-law, Juliett booked our accommodations and I was not going to argue with a 100-Kilo woman.

She had just returned from a trip to Lima, Peru with her longtime boyfriend, Mike. They were visiting us in November before continuing their travels to see Oscar, Mikes Papa for the Christmas holidays. Driving to Quebec in December would be challenging, so ever the Romeo, Mike surprised Juliett with an early Christmas gift of a red, Sierra pickup truck.

After dinner in the hotel’s pub, Juliett and Mike gave us a demonstration of the Tango. A waiter, dressed in his Bollywood Uniform, approached our table and we could see from his nametag that his name was Victor. On his tray he carried four shots of Whiskey. That was the finest dancing I have ever seen in this pub. These shots are on the house!

At this moment, a woman entered the pub and we did not need X-ray vision to notice that she was not wearing a bra. A young man wearing a Yankee baseball cap with the brim worn backwards jumped to his feet to greet her. Tatooed across his bicep was the word “Zulu” with a red heart around it.

We turned our attention back to our drinks. “Cheers”, we said in unison lifting our glasses to the phonetic alphabet, while quietly thinking to ourselves that “Zulu” was a strange name indeed.


The phonetic alphabet is used to spell out words on the radio to ensure that the receiver can understand the message. Every boater should be able to use the phonetic alphabet; it could save your life.

 B = Bravo
 C = Charlie
 D = Delta
 E = Echo
 F = Foxtrot
 G = Golf
 H = Hotel
 I = India
 J = Juliett
 K = Kilo
 L = Lima
 M = Mike
 N = November
 O = Oscar
 P = Papa
 Q = Quebec
 R = Romeo
 S = Sierra
 T = Tango
 U = Uniform
 V = Victor
 W = Whiskey
 X = X-ray
 Y = Yankee
 Z = Zulu


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