My Apple Was a Lemon in Disguise

It was a typical Saturday morning getting caught up on emails, Skyping family, writing a blog post and synching my iPhone 4S. The innocuous “Update software to 5.1” reminder on iTunes beckoned bewitchingly and without any further thought, I clicked “Update” and that was the beginning of my anguish. All data was deleted in preparation for the update and then nothing. “No!!!!”, I cried out as the tranquility of my productive morning fizzled into the spinning wheel of computer purgatory. Doomed.

Several attempts later to restore the backup and a desperate plea on Twitter revealed what I already knew to be true, my iPhone was in trouble. A call to Apple Support initially offered a glimmer of hope with reassurances that sometimes the restore could take eight hours. But, the following morning and no improvement, we called Apple Support again. The help desk person tried going through the same spiel we had been through the day before, but a firm interruption fast-tracked us to a more technical support person.

Jayson put us through the paces – this was now a two-person rescue mission. one person translated instructions from Jayson via the working 3G (we don’t have a landline on the boat) while the other operated the laptop. First discovery: there is a known compatibility issues with Toshiba laptops and iPhone 4S. Strike one. We tried so many different ways to get the backup to restore on my phone, my head was spinning. At last, Jayson was confident that he had it fixed and left us to restore the iPhone.

All was promising, the progress bar under the “Restore” window had surpassed all previous attempts. “Come on phone”, I muttered under my breath. Nada. Nothing. Splat. No can do. This time, we had Jayson’s direct number. I joked with the good-natured Jayson, “I’ve talked to you more this weekend than I have talked to my Mom.”

Okay, one last ditch effort and further investigating the innards of our laptop and the discovery was made: our computer was fine, but my Apple was a lemon. Jayson talked me through the replacement process and true to his word, my new iPhone was here within two days. Luckily, my phone was two months old and still under warranty, but I have since purchased the extended warranty after this experience.

I also learned two important tips that I would like to share with you:

  1. Update your Apple devices through the device, not through iTunes.
  2. Do not leave your device plugged in for long periods of time.

The last tip, I learned from a fellow iPhone user with whom I was commiserating one day on the bus when I was iPhoneless. She had damaged her battery by plugging it when she got to work and leaving it plugged in all day.

Now, even though I spend a fair amount of time not plugged in, it surprised me how much I missed my iPhone. How could I call my friend when I didn’t have her phone number anywhere else but in my phone? How could I check the marine weather quickly? How could I start my day without Wayne Dyer’s affirmation to guide me? And Twitter – oh, sweet Twitter – I missed you!

However, in spite of my frustration and lost productivity, I must commend Apple Support and specifically Jayson for helping me solve my problem and for providing excellent customer service. Well done my friend. (Well, we spent so much time on the phone together, I think that counts as friends right? Jayson?)

Apple Disguised as a Lemon



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