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Moving from Fear to Your Core Desired Feelings

I had a wonderful experience last week when I got to hear/feel Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein speak at the Victoria Yoga Conference. Danielle’s work takes the Law of Attraction to the next level: the felt sense. It is not enough to monitor and change your thoughts, you need to identify and feel your “core desired feelings”. “When you are fixated on goals, you deafen what the universe is trying to say.” Brilliant.

Sistas', Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein
Sistas’, Danielle LaPorte and Gabrielle Bernstein

Danielle has the knack to express in concise terms what we are feeling inside – and with a little je ne sais quoi – SASSY! She identifies the discord that comes from following a path that is not true to your inner self, your inner guide, your truth. “You are the captain of your soul”, she tells us. I think to myself, “I can steer a 40 foot boat, I can certainly steer my life.”

Her message is timely for me as I struggle with the decision to pursue a Masters degree. I am interested in the subject matter, but not enough to want to make the two-year commitment at the expense of other activities. I would rather be here, writing.

So, I check in with my felt sense about this goal and it is absent. Nothing. Nada. I allow myself to feel the sense of accomplishment that a completed Masters degree would bring and then the truth comes; quietly at first and then screaming in my ear. This is the voice that I have been aware of for the past year after I deferred my acceptance into the program, but could not make out the words. Now it is in my face and saying clearly, that this “goal” is someone else’s goal, not mine. This is my parents’ goal. This is my employer’s goal and their definition of what determines my worthiness. It is not my definition. This is fear of not being good enough – someone else’s “not good enough”.

Danielle’s work is a perfect marriage with the work of Gabrielle Bernstein. I have just started Gabby’s 40-day program in her book, “May Cause Miracles“. Day one is all about fear and as a recovering Catholic, I have many. Gabby said, ” Fear keeps you separate from your truth. Fear detours you from your source and your direction.” So before, I can really look at what I want, I have to know what I am afraid of having. In order to be the best that I can be, I must declutter this old programming from my hard drive. It is time for an operating system upgrade!

I know that the cells in our bodies don’t differentiate between past, present and future.They are energetic, spirit-based miracles and as such, attract energy of the same vibration.  If you recall a negative thought from the past charged with low vibration, your cells will experience it as if it is happening now. If you are fearful of the future, you will attract more of the same. Simple physics and this is where the felt sense comes in. You have to feel it for your cells to believe it and then attract it. I know all this, but it is easy to get sucked back into old patterns – fear-based patterns. As a colleague says, “powerful, unexamined beliefs”often steer our ship instead of our spirit self.

Now, don’t be misguided into thinking that all you have to do is sit and around and feel things and they will manifest. This awareness will help you take “the next right action”.

We come from source. All of us regardless of religion, geography, fat or thin, rich or poor. When we get in touch with our own divine source, we can start seeing the oneness in our relationships. I want this. I feel it Danielle!

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