Mother Goose

One of the things that I love about living aboard is being close to nature. This morning on my way to the washroom building, I was met by these neighbours – several pairs of adult Canada geese with their offspring. How cute!

Canada Goose goslings |
Goslings running towards me

Canada Geese arrive each spring and usually by May, family groups make the rounds in the marina begging for food. They have been noticeably absent this year, possibly due to the cold summer we have experienced, so I was excited to see them this morning.

I was standing a respectable distant away from the geese while fumbling for my iPhone to capture this moment, when a single gosling started running towards me and was soon followed by another and then another until the whole gaggle of goslings was running straight at me.

At first, I was amazed at my incredible luck to be able to take these candid photos until out of the corner of me eye, I saw a blur of brown and white running full speed at me – a mother goose!

Mother Canada Goose |
Mother Goose charging me

I managed to save my iPhone from the goose’s bite not to mention my fingers. I quickly backed away but the stupid baby geese kept pursuing me. Now I was being chased by 40 baby Canada geese!  My moment with nature was going horribly wrong.

Screaming “help” didn’t seem to be the appropriate reaction to the situation, but I was tempted. Luckily the geese grew bored with the chase and I was allowed to continue on my way to the washroom. Just another day in the marina!

Canada Goose & goslings |
All is calm as the goslings find something else to explore.

One thought on “Mother Goose”

  1. O My GAWD… you found all the babies. I was so worried that the eagles/otters got them all. The Families are here!

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