Magic at MusicFest

We have been regulars at Vancouver Island MusicFest in the Comox Valley for many years. On July 9 – 11th, we joined thousands of other music lovers in 33 C sunshine to hear musicians and singers from across the globe. The festival’s heart is its army of volunteers and they were out in full force during the heatwave pulling wagons of free drinking water around the festival (which is a plastic water bottle-free event).

In addition to the main stage, there are six smaller stages that allow the musicians to collaborate in jam sessions and provide instructional workshops. I sought out Dala (AmanDA Walther and SheiLA Carabine) at the Art of Duo workshop and was treated to this beautiful version of Red is The Rose.


These two friends from Toronto blend their voices and harmonies, each balancing volume and tone so as not to sing over the other, but to create magic. Goose bump moment.

Sitting under towering Douglas Fir trees listening to this beautiful music, I could feel all boundaries of self melt away until all that was left was Dala’s pure music. It always amazes me that music can touch my soul so deeply. If all the warring people in the world could feel this feeling, surely they would put down their weapons and let their hearts expand to feel the lyrical beauty of music.


On the other end of the scale, was Baskery- three sisters from Sweden: Greta, Stella and Sunniva. You can’t really peg this trio into a musical genre but boy, can these girls rock!  Greta’s slide banjo was incredible.



Joan Osborne showed her years of experience during the Human Voices jam session. The sound guys could not get the banjo mic working for The Beez, so Joan picked up her vocal mic, plunked it down in front of the banjo player, adjusted the height and went back to her chair at the other end of the stage. Sound problem fixed.

MusicFest is over for another year, but the magic will stay with me for a long time.

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