Little Red Box

Vanity is thy name woman!

Arms stretched to their limit, bordering on becoming monkey arms from carrying too many groceries much too far. You squish as much as you can into your backpack but still – monkey arms 20 minutes later. The liveaboard lament.

It seems that when you live on a boat you are always hauling something – groceries, laundry, diesel, propane. You shift bags from one hand to the other, trying to redistribute the weight. Sherpa sailor girl.

I have seen other boaters with improvised carrying devices – a milk crate strapped to a dolly with bungees, plastic wheelbarrow, suitcase and a little-old-lady shopping cart. I kept telling myself that I was a strong woman and I did not need a little old lady shopping cart.

Well crap, I injured my left shoulder from stubbornly carrying groceries that were too heavy. Vanity has now been tucked away in a drawer and I am the proud owner of a collapsible, little red box. I walked from the grocery store this afternoon with everything on my list. No more deciding against buying soup because it was too heavy to carry.

Little Red Box

This nifty creation has a collapsible box and handle so it can stow easily on a sailboat. It’s brilliant! Vanity has no place on a sailboat because there wouldn’t be room for the little red box.

Pack and Roll collapsed

2 thoughts on “Little Red Box”

  1. I love this article & I sympathize with you entirely! After moving back aboard this January, I had to re-learn my carrying limitations only after developing tendonitis in my elbow! What is considered a safe amount from the trunk of the car to walking down the ramp & the docks to the boat is something else! Like you, we now have a similar cart that facilitates groceries, laundry & fuel carrying a whole lot easier on the body!

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