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Lest We Forget

We honour those who did not come home from war, lest we forget the atrocities that took them from us. Paul Piche, my grandfather was a ghost to me until some very kind strangers helped me stitch together the story of his brief life.

One of those strangers was Pat Murphy,  a dedicated volunteer at the Vancouver Island Military Museum in Nanaimo, BC who has done so much for my family by honouring my grandfather’s memory.  Pat was recommended to me by someone on Twitter. When I first met Pat in-person at the museum, he presented me with information that he had researched about my grandfather. His information brought to life this family member who I never knew and put to rest questions that I had about his death.

In addition to research, Pat makes model airplanes for a Spitfire display at the museum. He generously offered to make a model of one of the Spitfires that my grandfather flew which was unveiled at a dedication ceremony this past July.

Model of a Spitfire that my grandfather flew in WWII made by Pat Murphy, Vancouver Island Military Museum
Model of a Spitfire that my grandfather flew in WWII made by Pat Murphy, Vancouver Island Military Museum

Pat is a natural storyteller and tells the story of my grandfather’s life to visitors to the museum. He makes sure that they do not forget Flying Officer Louis Paul Emile Piche – a Spitfire pilot with 443 Squadron in WWII and a father of five children. Today, Pat put a poppy on my grandfather’s photo in the museum so that he would no be forgotten. Thank you Pat. Lest we forget.

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6 thoughts on “Lest We Forget”

  1. That’s a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. Thank you for posting this. And Pat is a great guy and model maker. Cheers!

  2. I am a collateral relative of Percival Edward (Ed) Ferguson, I don’t know anything of his service , he was a 2nd cousin of my g-grandmother. I enjoyed seeing his photo and reading your posts. I am a DNA match to his brother (still living) who is user name Fergusbri on Ancestry.com (unfortunately I do not have other conact info) as we have only communicated through their website.

  3. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for reading my blog. Ed and my grandfather were two of the original members of 443 Squadron which was a Spitfire squadron in WWII. I have been in contact with Ed’s son.


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