Getting a Handle on Weather |

Getting a Handle on Weather

The pattern of marine weather is predictable and the agencies that monitor weather do a good job of providing up-to-date information to help mariners make informed decisions. However, sometimes predicted systems behave differently once they make landfall and you are left to your own devices to interpret the weather.

Strong wind alarm on the VION weather station

The electronic weather station made by Vion is a handy tool to have on board to help you make those decisions. We have the Easy Meteo model which has a lot of features packed into one compact unit including moon phases and warnings for frost, wind and storms. A secondary sensor comes with a detachable cover and can be placed outside.

This past winter, we have seen the strong wind alarm and the storm risk alarm more times than we would care to. As with all things on a boat, you don’t want to rely on just one source for your information, but we find the Vion weather an accurate indicator of approaching weather.

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