Garbage In, Garbage Out

My intention was to write about something that I heard on the bus the other day that “sitting was the silent killer.” If you Google this, you will find that in 2010 some Swedish researchers determined that sitting for long periods of time will kill us and that if you are a woman, the risk is even greater. These results apply even if you exercise during the week, so you should not sit for long periods of time without getting up. If you are an office worker, I hate to break it to you but you are doomed to die before your time.

The fiver-year old child inside of me asked the question, “why?” Well, I know that our bodies are designed for movement, not sitting. This is a throwback to our neanderthal days when we had to catch our food and run away from predators. Our technology has advanced quicker than our anatomy and now we have this discrepancy.

But it also got me thinking that every day, we hear on the radio, on TV, through e-news on our smart phones, through Facebook – that something else is going to kill us. Even the most resilient person is prey to the effect of all this negative messaging that we receive.

People live in fear of getting sick, being attacked by terrorists, losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their kids, natural disasters and let’s not forget weapons of mass destruction.

I think we need to insulate ourselves from this garbage because the irony of it all, is that thinking about it will make us sick. Thoughts are things. As soon as we conceive of something we give it energy.

Take control of your thoughts – use positive affirmations and filter the information that you read. Until human beings come with a “delete” button, this is the best we can do. I must sign off as I have been sitting for far too long.

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