Every Sailor Could Use a Quickie

This always happens on our boat. We decide to move something from one location to another and months later when we look for the item, we can’t find it. The primacy-recency effect kicks in and all we remember is where we used to store it.

So it was, that yesterday I was looking for a roll of packing tape last seen in a Ziploc bag full of various tapes: painter’s, masking, duck and packing, all now lost somewhere in the bowels of our boat; to be found one day, most assuredly when looking for something else. Two hours transpired, three dirty lockers cleaned along the way and still no tape.

This rule seems to be true with boats, “Whatever task you have planned to accomplish – it will take 3x longer to complete and will cost twice as much.” The first locker I checked was dirty – a combination of condensation and dust. “Might as well clean the undersides of the cushion that sits atop this locker,” I muttered to myself.

My husband usually disappears when this happens because as you start cleaning out the contents of a locker, the small space that you cohabitate suddenly becomes dramatically smaller. Small space to the square root of two.

Now on my belly, peering under the nav station with a flashlight, I asked him as he was making an attempt to abandon ship, if he had anything that I could use to clean the much neglected bottom shelf where my arms are not long enough to reach. He produced a marvel of engineering: the Quickie. It is a Swiffer on steroids. It has a solid, robust telescoping handle; a pivoting head; and a reusable, hardy pad at the end.


In the past, I have MacGyvered cloths onto the end of a stick and all means of long things to reach the sloped back wall that is the hull of this fine ship. All have proven to be ineffective, but not the Quickie.

Encouraged by my success, I emptied other lockers, nooks and crannies and even gimballed the stove so that I could use the Quickie in the narrow space behind that you would need a pet monkey to reach. Such amazing satisfaction from the Quickie.

Four hours later – still no tape, but a clean boat and a smiling Sailor Girl thanks to my Quickie.

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