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Electric Show

As a kid growing up in southern Ontario, thunder and lightning storms were normal. Years later living in Banff, we had to get off the Banff Springs golf course because of lightning – a rare occurrence in the mountains. We could feel the hair on the back of our neck going up when staff came around to ask everyone to vacate the course for safety reasons. Looking down at the metal clubs in our hands, we didn’t argue with their logic.

Years later, in Desolation Sound, I spent one long night comforting my dog, Maggie as thunder and lightning raged around us. On another sailing trip to the Broughtons, a clap of thunder sent Maggie running like the devil was chasing her. Luckily, we were ashore on a small island and her wild running brought her back to us in a few minutes.

Lighning over Victoria, BC

Lightning storms are rare occurrence in Victoria, BC where we live, so when we had lightning storms two nights in a row, it was the talk of the town. The Twitter stream was alive with reports of strikes and the sharing of beautiful photos and videos capturing this raw energy.

Electric Show. SV Thane and lightning


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  1. Thanks Cindy! During the storm people were submitting photos through Twitter. Amazing. At one time there was lightning on three sides. Janice was in Port Browning and there were unconfirmed reports that a sailboat at the dock was struck.

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