Do What You Love

Perhaps it is fitting, that on the day after Steve Jobs lost his life to cancer, that my husband took my iPhone instead of his iTouch when he left for work this morning. My morning routine without my iPhone was disrupted. No Twitter on the hour-long commute by bus. No checking my email, Facebook or Skyping family on my lunch break. I felt cut-off.

Without ever knowing Steve Jobs, I feel the loss of one of the good guys. There are few people who can be brave enough to do what they love forgoing pressure from family and peers to do what they think is right for you.

There are very few people, who in the face of adversity and public humiliation have the self awareness to realize that the experience doesn’t have to define them. They are still the same person with drive and a passion to create.

I didn’t know how inspirational Steve Jobs was until I started reading his quotes as heartfelt tributes filled the Twitter stream yesterday. To me, that is one of the greatest legacies that we can leave – inspiring someone else. He wasn’t a saint and wasn’t always kind, but he was inspirational.

Perhaps, your actions will not reach as far as Steve Jobs’, but if you can inspire one person’s life, you have done well. Make a positive difference. Inspire. Be kind.

When you distill all the rhetoric about how we should live our lives, it comes down to ‘do what you love’. This applies to your work, your love relationships and connections with others. Pure happiness comes from this place. Know your truth. Be your truth. Speak your truth.

As I sat on the bus – iPhoneless. I thought about the phenomenal impact that Steve Jobs, a man I never met, had on my life. Rest in peace Steve.


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