Detour to Saltspring Island

We usually seek solitude when we manage a weekend away in our floating home and this past weekend was no exception; our destination was Prevost Island. When our 40 hp Mitsubishi started coughing, we realized that we were low on fuel and headed into the closest harbor which was Ganges on Saltspring Island.

The harbour is busy for such a small island with float planes, several marinas and a couple of outstations for yacht clubs. This is a popular destination in the southern Gulf Islands. It is a long way into the anchorage and many boaters do not respect the 5 knot speed limit so during the afternoon, it can be lumpy with boat and float plane wake as well as fetch funneling in from Captain’s Passage and Swanson Channel.

Since we were here, we decided to take advantage of the seaside amenities and finished our day by treating ourselves to dessert at the Oyster Catcher Bar & Grill while enjoying some live music.

Early the next morning, the sound of dinghy motors told us that the Saltspring Market was open. On Saturday mornings in the summer starting at 8:30 am or thereabouts (island-time) the market is a colourful display of arts, crafts, musicians and fresh produce. We picked up fresh ingredients for dinner including some amazing homemade goat cheese from SaltSpring Cheese and 10- day old pea shoots for our fresh salad greens.

Shoppers enjoying the Saltspring Market


Saltspring Saturday Market

A prize purchase was a cool bandana ( designed by Andrea Leake. The bandanas are filled with plastic absorbent  crystals which when soaked in water, will remain cool for 4 days. Small, reusable Рa perfect item for a liveaboard boat. You wear the bandana around your head or neck to cool down, alleviate sore neck muscles and to provide headache relief.

Kool Bandana

We always meet wonderful people when we cruise and today was no exception. This young Saltspring girl brought her pet chicken to breakfast at the Tree House Cafe.

Tree House Cafe


Girl with pet chicken

So although we were only planning to refuel here and be on our way, our visit to Ganges was enjoyable. Prevost Island will have to wait.

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