Day Six: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I am starting to feel a difference in my body already! This is a day off work for me, so I chose a longer video since I have the luxury of time today.  In addition to doing these mini workouts, I am continuing with incorporating walking into my daily activities. Have a great weekend and get moving.

This 60-minutes Hatha Yoga video includes a good explanation of Pranayama. With breath work, I find it easier and more natural to focus my attention to feeling my ribs move as opposed to trying to send the breath to my belly.

With your inhalation, focus your attention to a spot under each armpit and try to feel the sensation of your ribs expanding with your inhalation. If you are a shallow breather as most of us are, you might feel a very small movement.  Don’t worry about this, it will get easier.

Now add the visualization of a downward movement along your sternum towards your toes with the inhalation. I visualize the plunger in my bodum in order to help me maintain this visualization. On your exhale, slowly let the plunger come back up and feel the collapse of the exiting breath.

With a full, diaphragmatic breath, we massage our internal organs. Shallow breathing does not accomplish this important function and can result in a diaphragm that sticks in place.

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