Day Seven: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Normally, you would plan for a day of rest from a fitness routine, but the purpose of my 30-day challenge is for me to develop a new habit of daily fitness.  So, there is no day off in this fitness challenge. The videos that I have chosen are at a beginner level so I am not feeling the need to rest my muscles.

I have been trying to mix up the content to keep myself interested – and hopefully, you too!  At this point, I am not interested in sculpting certain body parts, but rather starting my day of with some movement. Physiologically speaking – our muscles don’t work in isolation so my preference is to work all of them if I can.

This video by Fitness Bender is done in sets of ten minutes each, so you can do as many sets as you have time for.  This video also allows you to choose the cardio level that is appropriate for your current conditioning. No judgement or negative self-talk – just get moving.

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