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Day One: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Through the process of changing occupations from a spa therapist to an administrator during the past eight years, I have accumulated an additional 15 pounds on my body.  As a spa therapist, I climbed three sets of stairs 10 times a day and spent most of the work day on my feet. In my current work, the hands-on component of my job is with a computer.  I am looking into a sit-stand desk and also changing my chair so that I have to engage my muscles more when sitting. My muscles feel soft and I no longer feel strong. I need my strength for sailing so something has to change here.

I am sure that the transition through menopause has also contributed to this change, as it feels like the operating instructions for my body no longer apply. I am sensitive to caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates.  These sensitivities always existed, but they are heightened now which is a sign of imbalance. What is most difficult for me is a lack of initiative in reclaiming my healthy body, so I decided to set a goal for myself.

In order to get back in the habit of exercising, I am going to do a 30-day challenge of different 15-minutes exercise videos that I can do at home. Surely, I can find 15 minutes in my day to do this and by using videos on the web, there is no cost to me except my time. I have created a board on my Pinterest account to collect the 30 videos so that I can easily repeat the sequence next month.

When I worked in the spa, I took better care of myself because I had to in order to be able to give 100% to my clients. I have slowly let go of this personal commitment and want to reclaim this part of myself. Please feel free to join me on this journey and write your comments below.

For my first day, I chose this video from Brett Larkin for an easy beginning morning yoga routine.


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