Day 22: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Whew! I made it to the last week of my 30-day fitness challenge, but I won’t be stopping on the last day of this personal fitness challenge.

Through repetition, I have carved out 30 minutes of my morning to exercise. I can no longer say that I do not have time to exercise. By doing these exercises at home and having a variety of videos that I can choose from, it keeps me interested and engaged.

My friend, Klaudia recommended this 25-minutes video by Shaun T which focuses on shoulder, biceps and triceps. You will need two sets of dumbbells for this workout – one a little bit heavier than the other.

Your muscles will fatigue during this workout so be sure to keep your core strong so that you retain good form throughout. Floor push-ups are really starting to bother my knees, so I did standing push-ups against the wall instead.

I also really liked his modified jumping jacks. These are perfect for exercising in small spaces or apartments where you can’t make a lot of noise which will bother the resident below.

Klaudia also recommended some of Shaun T’s paid videos: Focus T25, Hip Hop Abs, and Insanity: Max 30 all available to purchase on Shaun T’s website.

Let’s get moving.

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