Day 21: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I have been fascinated with belly dancing for a few years now, so when I found this four-part series of belly dancing videos for fitness, I had to try them.

Today, I completed part one and part two together to create one workout. Part one is mostly stretching and I was pleased to discover different stretches. The two instructors gradually lead you into aerobic dance moves. My only objection to this video series is the word, “fat” in the title. If we move our bodies daily through exercise, weight regulation will happen naturally as you start making healthier choices every day.

If you are just joining me in this 30-day fitness challenge, be sure to visit my Pinterest board where you will find all the videos or simply, start back at DayOne and go at your own pace.

You can find more videos including belly dance instruction on Ziggy Rafiq’s Youtube channel.

Let’s get moving. Part one:

… and Part Two…


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