Day 20: 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Here is another 30-minutes video from Yoga by Candace. I really like that she brings you through the beginning warmup, the actual yoga practice and end relaxation in 30 minutes.

This video is a little more challenging and I definitely wobbled my way through some of the poses, but this is why they call it a practice. There were a couple of more challenging poses at the end, so I just made some modifications and kept going until the end.

I used to attend weekly yoga Hatha classes and one instructor likened the balance poses to being balanced in your life. The more centred and grounded that you were, the more grounded you would be in your balance poses.  This might be once component, but I think that there can be physical explanations for this too. Regardless of the cause, practice will help improve your balance and I am developing a daily exercise habit through this 30-day personal fitness challenge.

Let’s get moving.


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