Winter day on the boat

Creature Comforts

As I sit to write this post, I can feel the damp, cold air creeping up my spine. It is an insidious cold that no manner of clothes can stop. The only thing that interrupts the creeping is to tuck myself into bed with a hot water bottle for comfort. We are approaching our tenth winter on the boat.

I love the freedom that this lifestyle allows, but I sometimes crave creature comforts: running water, running hot water, room to swing a cat or pull out a yoga mat. Simple comforts.

There is a bravado amongst liveaboards about toughing out rough weather on a boat; most will not admit it. If you are in the northern hemisphere on a boat during the winter, it is cold and during a storm – uncomfortable. There I said it.

Perhaps, it is a sign of getting older, this craving comfort. Perhaps, it is simply honesty without any bravado.

Temperatures dip; the dock is covered in frost; darknes cloaks either end of the day like bookends. As winter settles in, I too must settle in to this hibernation, but I assist on bringing my hot water bottle.


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