Connecting to the Grid

When I first started doing body work, I didn’t know very much about energy in the body. However, the more that I gave treatments to people, the more aware I became of this invisible ribbon. I was lucky to be surrounded by experienced and gifted healers and was introduced to Reiki. In fact, several of my colleagues were Reiki Masters and I was soon signed up for my Reiki I class.

Through further training, reading and the daily practice of being in the energy field of clients, I honed and strengthened my connection to this energy. Grounding myself in its wisdom and strength before laying hands on each client, I asked for guidance and clarity as I began each treatment. This allowing of the divine energy to enter my body was foreign to me at first but there was no denying its presence.

It is in the allowing that healing happens. It required focusing on working to the highest good of my client without any attachment to the outcome; leaving ego behind at the door and using skills developed over time and through practice. Trusting

“You have amazing hands,” one client told me.

I thanked him but acknowledged that I was only a conduit for the energy.

“That was amazing,” another client said. “It felt like there were two sets of hands on me.”

As I gained confidence in trusting the invisible force, I began to incorporate the teachings from my reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki training into a single session. And this is where the magic happened. Experience, skill and intuition meeting with a goal to do well for my client. If I was too much in my head, a treatment would be good – not great.

The eleven years that I worked as a spa therapist were some of the most gratifying professional experiences that I have encountered. Our team of therapists were gifted, inspired individuals united in their desire to serve others. We were lead by a great manager who provided a safe, nurturing work environment which allowed us to explore and expand our abilities.

I am no longer working in the spa industry, but I cannot undo the connection to the grid. This has proven to be challenging as I have made the mistake of assuming that others share the same awareness or would even tolerate acknowledgement of its existence. My first reaction to this was to deny my connection and leave this divine wisdom behind me in my spa therapist career, but this duality within myself was not sustainable.

I have recently figured out a solution that is helping me navigate this transition and it is this that I want to share with you. In denying my God spark, I was also denying the God spark in others and this was leading to judgements and resistance. By acknowledging the God spark in others first before you interact with them forces you to acknowledge the energy that connects us all. It allows you to pause and intercept a reactive impulse by keeping you present in your shared universal energy. Ego doesn’t like one-upmanship and will rebel, but if you are grounded in your “I am” there is no threat.

Maintaining the connection to this energy or spirit is the challenge. Actually, it is your awareness of the connection that falters – you are always connected to the grid. The white noise of life has the capacity to drown out the voice of our spirit, but it is always there.

When someone is unkind to you, being grounded in spirit allows you to see the glimmer of their God spark buried under a mess of hurt and anger. It allows you to not be drawn into their drama and move quickly to compassion. This does not mean that you are a pushover – just more aware and tolerant of suffering.

When I am struggling with something or someone, I ask myself if I am acting from my ego or my “I am”. This filter brings another level of awareness to my actions. Ego-based action is an indication of losing the connection with “I am” and reminds you to pause and reconnect.

It is difficult to maintain your connection to the “I am” if you are not taking care of yourself with adequate sleep, nourishing food and time in nature. We can become so unbalanced that we are overwhelmed and do not have the energy to step on the path of self care. My advice to my clients was to choose one thing and start with that. As physical unease diminishes, you will naturally be drawn to choices that support a path of increased energy.

We are works in progress – not perfection although our God spark is perfection. It is in living in the human form that we become disconnected from our divine self.

The God spark in me sees the God spark in you. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Connecting to the Grid”

  1. Hello Tara, I’ve been having a nice read here at your blog and quite enjoying my visit! I liked your adventures at sea and the posts on being a liveaboard but this post really resonated – so true that we have to take care of ourselves first. It’s all about balance, isn’t it? Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I agree with you. When I don’t take care of myself, it is difficult to be my best self.


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