Supermarine Spitfire 1939 - 45 RAF | photo credit United Kingdom government

Connecting the Dots

It has been an incredible journey for my family as we unravel the mystery of my grandfather and RCAF Spitfire pilot, Paul Piche. Through the amazing connectivity of the Internet, the story of this man is being revealed. The frustrating part is that I am ten years too late as many of the people from his past have passed.

This short film, “Spitfire 944” by William Lorton is a remarkable story of  American Spitfire pilot, John Blyth and his hard landing all caught on film. The film was taken by Flight Surgeon, Dr. James R. Savage and fortunately, the significance of the film was recognized by his descendants and made into this short.

It is my hope, that there are other families sitting on significant historical information in boxes in their attics who will be motivated to share this information with historical societies and archives.

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