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Comfort Clothing

When we were kids, my baby sister used to put her winter coat in the dryer for 10 minutes before we had to walk the 2 kms to school on a cold, snowy Canadian winter day. The rest of us kids thought this was odd, but now that I am older, I appreciate the comfort that a warm piece of clothing can bring.

When you live on a boat, the size of the boat limits your wardrobe. So, when I needed to buy a new sweatshirt, I looked at several stores before making my decision, but my efforts yielded nothing. Warm clothes were bulky and lacking style while stylish clothes were thin and impractical for life on a sailboat.

When I walked in the door of LuLulemon, I was teasing myself with the act of “just browsing”. I touched the soft cottons and admired the vibrant colours while observing the workmanship of clothes made with care and consideration for its users. Functional clothing – but expensive I thought, until I found the sales rack.

In Lululemon, sale items are understated. No garish “sale” signs. Lululemon’s customers are loyal to the product and willing to pay the prices that quality demands. I wasn’t so sure that I could justify parting with my hard-earned cash until I found a soft gray hoodie with the classic long sleeves that roll down over your hands – a telltale signature of Lululemon and coveted by this sailor girl who has perpetually cold hands.

The price was right and the hoodie felt like a warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders. An image of my baby sister appeared as I stood in the store hugging the hoodie to my body. It was an effort to take it off so that the sales person could ring in my purchase.

Two months later, with the chill of autumn mornings settling in the boat, I slip my Lululemon hoodie over my pyjamas and begin my day.

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