Becoming a Pirate

Our office has decided to dress up for Hallowee’en, so becoming  a pirate for a day was an obvious choice for me. We don’t have a tickle trunk on board, so off I went to my favourite thrift store in search of treasure.  I found the basic clothing pieces that I would need – a ruffled shirt, a pair of pyjama bottoms and a velour type jacket that I might just keep afterwards and wear to work.  I am going to have to alter both the shirt and bottoms to make them pirate-worthy, and also needed some ideas about head gear. Threadbanger on YouTube had a great video on how to make a pirate hat.

And now for some makeup thanks to Kandee Johnson …..


And to brush up on my pirate lingo, a visit to Pirate Realm  before taking a caulk ….


And now for a closeup view of one of my favourite pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow ….


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