Are you motivated by fear or passion

Are You Motivated by Passion or Fear?

Sometimes in our lives we are met by obstacles and sometimes these obstacles are in the form of individuals. When you are energized by passion for an idea or plan and then run into a human brick wall, it can land you flat on your behind. If you run into the wall enough times, it might knock the passion right out of you. But is this what really is going on?

People who live their lives from a place of fear are often threatened by those who live from a place of passion. To me, fear-motivation is a result of a lack of connection with spirit. Imagine a bucket of water with a defined amount of water in it. Every time you have an idea, you remove a cup of water from the bucket. Eventually, the bucket will run dry. For a person who is motivated by passion, every idea also requires a cup of water, but the bucket is constantly replenished by an in pouring of water. This in pouring of water is a result of the person’s connection to spirit and  is infinite.; it allows them to literally be in the “flow”.

Metal bucket
Photo courtesy of John Pallbo

Connection to spirit requires constant self-nourishing by eating healthy foods, having restful sleep, enjoying periods of activity in natural settings and stilling your mind through meditation. These are some of the tools to maintain your connection to spirit. From this infinite source, you can give away your compassion and understanding to those who live their lives from a place of fear. Help them fill up their bucket of water so that  they, too can be of service to others.

It is easy to react to fear-motivated people, but the next time this happens in your life, take a moment to consider that the other person might be working with an empty bucket. Send them energy to replenish their bucket with loving thoughts of kindness and wait to see if the outcome is any different. Remember to replenish your own bucket so that you do not end up depleted.


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