Are you Acidic or Alkaline?

“All disease comes about through microbial action. Your own research in the West is showing that. Various microbes have been found to be associated with the arterial lesions of heart disease, as well as the production of tumours in cancer. The microbes are just doing what they do.¬† But remember. Diets that create the acidic environment are the true causes.

He paused and then said, “Grasp that fully. We humans are either in an alkaline, high energy state or we are in an acidic state, which signals the microbes living within us, or that come by, that we are ready to decompose.

…The food we eat determines almost entirely which of these two conditions we are in. Generally, foods that leave acid wastes in or body are heavy, overcooked, overprocessed, and sweet, such as meats, flours, pastries, alcohol, coffee and the sweeter fruits. Alkaline foods are greener, fresher, and more alive, such as fresh vegetables and their juices, leafy greens, sprouts and fruits like avocado, tomato, grapefruit and lemon.

…when our bodies drop in energy because of the kinds of food that we are eating, it makes us susceptible to disease” (p. 61-63, James Redfield).

When I came across this dialogue in James Redfield’s book, The Secret of Shambhala – In Search of the Eleventh Insight, I was secretly pleased. The view that disease begins in the digestive tract and that an improper diet is strongly related to disease, is a core belief of many natural health practitioners. It is for this reason that many dietary cleanses are structured on eliminating acidic foods and replacing them with alkaline foods. To include this message in a book of fiction was brilliant and perhaps the message would be heard by more people.

You may be able to relate to the fact that food affects how we feel? Think about  how you have a lethargic, bloating feeling after eating too much. Similarly, we often catch the flu after a holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) when we overindulged or had too much sugar.

Homeopathy talks about people being “susceptible” to disease. We are exposed to the same bacteria and viruses, but only some people get sick. Why? A poor diet weakens our immune system and it is unable to fight off illness. A healthy diet raises our vibrational energy.

Our thoughts also raise or lower our energy. Carrying around thoughts that you hate your job and need a break, may manifest your wish by putting you at home sick in bed.

Unfortunately, we can be exposed to toxic elements in our environment that also contribute to this acidic state. We often do not know that we have experienced toxic damage to our bodies until long after the exposure has occurred.

We cannot live in a bubble or in fear of getting sick. But, if you can take one thing away with you, let it be this: you are what you eat and what you eat, might make you sick. What choices will you make your today, to improve your tomorrow?

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