A Whisper Roars by @holisticsailor

A Whisper roars

I used to dabble in poetry through my high school years, but lately have been finding my way back to it. I think it is all the staccato-like conversations that I have been having in 140 characters or less.

I am a bit rusty, but here is a little one that I wrote on our boat.

A whisper roars.
Unheeded messages from the divine.
Prodding, guiding, showing us the path.
Muted by woulds, shoulds and could haves
Yelling their disapproval into our sacred ears.
Crippling us with shame.

A whisper roars.
Urgent now. Time is running out.
Illuminating the path not chosen.
Patiently, steadfastly waiting
For a pause in the chaos
To be heard.

A whisper roars.
“Over here!”
“But, I am afraid.”
A whisper whispers,
“Take my hand. I will help you.
I have always helped you.”
A whisper soars.

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