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A Letter to America

Dear Neighbour,

I am deeply saddened by the deaths of some of your children and the teachers who sacrificed their lives in order to save them. As a long-time neighbour, I have watched you suffer from one tragic event after another and am starting to wonder if you are a nation who has lost her way. There is no finger-pointing or blame intended in this letter, just deep concern for your well-being.

As an outsider looking in, it seems that you have been led by fear-mongering politicians who rule by instilling fear in its people sometimes under the guise of religious convictions. Your media also seem to make a circus out of tragic events, often glorifying the perpetrators instead of the victims. It is no wonder that you would think it is normal to own a gun. Here in Canada, owning a gun is not commonplace. Of all the people that I know, one owns a gun and he is a hunter.

I am not a political person, but pardon me for saying that something is really not working. Your politicians accuse other nations of atrocities, but I think it is time that you look in your own closets. The weapons of mass destruction are hidden in shoe boxes in your own homes. You have become desensitized to violence and think that owning guns will somehow make you more safe.

You seem to have a good man at the helm right now. Let him lead you without influence from lobbyists; let him do the right thing – to do what you hired him to do. Enough sabre rattling by your warlords – the lobbyists.

Your assertion for the “right to bear arms” served an earlier time; it has not place in a world hoping for peace. Your forefathers would never have conceived of a day where a mentally disturbed young man would assert this right and murder your children. Of this, I am sure.

As your neighbour, it is difficult to watch you in so much pain. History teaches us that great nations sometimes crumble when they lose sight of their values. I hope this is not the path that you now find yourself on.

I wish you strength as you make changes as an individual. I wish you courage as you demand that your leaders act with integrity not greed, but most of all I wish you peace.


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