A Credo for Making It Happen

A friend shared the following YouTube video by Danielle LaPorte on Facebook and I can’t stop watching it. In fact, the author suggests that you make this video part of your daily affirmations. See what you think.

  • I’ll figure it out
  • Life is on your side: there is a whole lot of life force on your side
  • Start fresh: beginner’s mind is an open mind and an open mind innovates
  • Fear is natural: respect your fear – it is part of the creative process
  • Make tough choices
  • Passion is fuel
  • Come out: declare it and share it
  • Do it now: don’t let perfectionism become procrastination
  • You’re growing: everything is progress
  • Integrity: do what you say you are going to do
  • Focus: everyday, do a little more of what you want to be doing and a little less of what you don’t want to do.

I stumble on number eight: procrastination. I have several creative projects in progress that are unfinished. Fear of judgement by others keeps me from completing tasks. My promise to you, is to tackle one of those projects and see it to completion by December 31, 2012. There, I have declared it and shared it. What is keeping you from making it happen for yourself?

2 thoughts on “A Credo for Making It Happen”

  1. My mother had a technique she uses when it comes to procrastination. Tell yourself every morning how good you are at doing xyz. You’re not only good at it, you enjoy doing it. In fact, you LOVE doing xyz and can’t wait to get started!

    OK, so you are OBVIOUSLY lying to yourself — to start with, but after a few days, some of that positive energy begins to be associated with the job and the thought of doing it. Pretty soon, you’ll dive in and the job will get done.

    It works for her, anyway. As for me, I’m still thinking about it!

  2. That is a great idea Lili! I will give it a try because if fear of failure is driving my procrastination, a little confidence-building will help. Thanks for sharing. Tara

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