9 Simple Breaths

Sometimes in spite of our best efforts, the day runs away on us, leaving us desperately trying to catch up. When our expectations about how things should go do not match with our reality, the result is stress and we all know by now, that stress is not good for us. Keeping our cells in a constant state of hyperactivity is exhausting on the body.

A colleague shared this simple trick to bring your body back to balance regardless of the stressor. Sit quietly and breathe in and out, 9 breaths. It doesn’t matter if you breathe in through your nose or mouth; do what comes naturally and do it slowly with complete focus. Your breath will slow down all by itself because your body knows this is good for it.

That’s it. If you can count to 9 and you know that you can breathe, you have the solution to your own stress. I love that this is so simple and effective. Happy breathing.

Calla Lily

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